Lions' Causes 

At Chepstow and Caldicot Lions, we are committed to supporting a wide range of community projects that make a positive impact in our local area. Our causes centre on:


We provide support to initiatives that tackle food insecurity and hunger in our community. For example every year we support the Chepstow and the Caldicot foodbanks with either a financial donation or in some cases actual food supplies, sometimes even made into hampers. At Easter every year we raffle Easter eggs to raise funds for local projects.

Childhood Cancer

We work with organisations and individuals to provide vital assistance to children and families affected by cancer. In the last few years we have worked with Velindre, Latch, and Ty Hafan. This last year we have been working with The Kids Cancer Charity, and specifically supporting Noah Herniman to achieve his dream of purchasing a holiday home for families undergoing cancer treatment (Noah's Retreat).


We only have one planet. We support projects aimed at protecting and preserving the environment for future generations. We can often be found litter picking in our local communities, and even tree planting in the local vicinity wherever there is a need.


We contribute to initiatives that focus on improving eye health and access to vision care. We do this through spectacles recycling, and over the last 10 years have collected 20,000 pairs from various Chepstow and Caldicot drop points in chemists and opticians.


We provide resources and support for diabetes awareness and management within our community.

Specific projects

We also have a number of specific long-term projects which we are constantly working on.

Lions ROAR

A national competition for primary school children. This unique Lions programme aims to inspire children and young people to think big and dream bigger about their ideas. Lions ROAR helps to improve children’s confidence and levels of self-esteem. Find out more.


Over the last ten years we have helped supply around 30 public access defibrillators, (PADs) in the area. More here>

Message in a Bottle

Message in a bottle is a free life saving bottle which holds an individual's medical information and medical prescription information. The lightweight small plastic bottle is instantly recognisable and stored in the fridge, where community first responders are trained to look for it. The bottles can be freely obtained from Lions or at various outlets in town such as chemsits, opticians, and doctor surgeries, and is also useful and often given to Walking Football Clubs for use in sports bags.

Box for Living

Yound adults leaving local council care situations are often isolated and don't have family to support them. The Box for Living is a box of essential items which is given to local care leavers on their departure from care, designed to help them live independant lives. 

Spectacles recycling

With drop boxes around town, in chemists and opticians, Lions collect unwanted spectacles, and recycle them through a central delivery point in the UK where they are sorted and sent to wherever they are needed in the world. Over the last 10 years we have collected 20,000 pairs. 

Get Involved in Making a Difference

There are many ways for individuals to contribute to our cause and help us make a positive impact in the community. You can: