It's not all hard work and no play, as there is also a social element to being a member of Chepstow and Caldicot Lions.

Charter Night
The club’s charter night is a big ticket event with Lions, their families, and guests. We often have a guest speaker or entertainment to make the evening even more enjoyable. The event is always black tie. 

Changeover Dinner 
The official Lionistic start to the year is in July, and we change over club officers at the first meeting of the month. This is always a great chance to reflect on the year, and consider the year ahead. We like to hold our changeover dinners at a different local venue each year, and include our partners in the occasion.

Monthly social evenings
Every month we like to schedule in a social gathering which is usually a meal out at a local establishment, and we like to go somewhere different each time. The evening is free of any 'ceremony' and usually just with Lions attending, although on occasions we also include partners. 

Christmas Dinner
Everybody likes to enjoy a festive evening with fellow Lions and partners for Christmas dinner at a local establishment. This is always a magical time of year and a chance to get together and celebrate, and share a festive message.

One off social gatherings
Looking to the future, we're planning to include some new one-off social events such as playing skittles with a local club, visiting a local attraction, or taking in a show. 


*It is important to realise that our social events are always self funded by Lions themselves.