The following forms are used when contacting your local Lions. You may be asked by a Lion to complete one of these forms. You can download them below:


Application for Support

If you are looking for welfare support from the Lions, then you must complete and return this form, plus the Data Protection form. Before doing so you should read the Grant-making policy document.


Data Protection Form

The Data Protection form allows us to discuss your application. This form also permits us to use any photographs on social media. 


Grant-making Policy

The Grant-making policy document details what we do and how we make decisions when providing inancial support.  It is essential you read this document before applying for support.


Lions Membership Application 

Join us as a member of the Lions, and have full rights within the club including voting and decision making.


Friends of Lions Application

Join us as a friend of Lions, and you can volunteer with us where and when you are able. It's a great introduction to the Lions.