Lions Roar

Published on 19 April 2024 at 22:03

134 Schools entered Lions ROAR last year with 66 Lions Clubs involved 100,000 children have been engaged with the Lions ROAR Competition.

In our area, 5 schools entered last year and Pembroke Primary School, Chepstow went on to win. The year before Shirenewton Primary School won in the competition.

Find out more at or ask a Lion.

Mayor of Chepstow, Cllr Margaret Griffiths (left) presents the Lions ROAR 2023 award to regional winners Pembroke Primary School, Chepstow who won the competition with their brilliant Solar Saver idea.

The Solar Saver Backpack: Power Up Your Journey! How Does It Work?

Wear It: The Solar Saver Backpack is not your ordinary bag. It’s a portable powerhouse! When you wear it, the integrated solar panels start soaking up sunlight.

Collect Energy: As you go about your day, the backpack diligently collects solar energy. Whether you’re hiking, commuting, or simply strolling, you’re also charging up!

Plug and Play: Back at school, plug the backpack into the grid. Voilà! The stored solar power flows back into the school’s energy system. It’s like giving back to Mother Earth.

Congratulalations also to our other finalists at

  • St Mary’s RC Primary, Chepstow,
  • Castle Park Primary School, Caldicot,
  • Thornwell Primary School, Chepstow,
  • and Shirenewton Primary School.

Very well done everyone!

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